Augusta Corvette Club Pride Riders
Augusta Corvette Club Pride Riders

Reginald Moore, President

Phone: (706) 631-7919




Scheduled Events

Jan  18  MLK Parade Augusta, Ga                                                                                                                     (Meet at 9:30am at Parking Lot Across from Acura Dealer on Gordon Hwy) (Black Shirt)

Jan   20  MLK Parade Swainsboro, GA

  (Meeting Time TBE)

Jan   25  ACC Pride Riders Black & Red Party Augusta, Ga

(Location: Elks Lodge 205 Elkdom Ct Augusta, Ga

 Feb    8   Paine College Homecoming Parade Augusta, Ga

       (Meet at 9:00am at Dollar General Wrightsboro Rd) (Yellow Shirt)

 Feb  15    Black History Parade Aiken, SC

        (Meet at Carolina Pottery 12:00pm) (Red Shirt)                                                                              

  Mar  14  Realistic Corvette Club Mardi Gras Party, Charlston SC

         (Meet at Carolina Pottery 11:00am)

  Mar   21  Tail of The Dragon Cruise Pigeon Forge, Tn

          (Meeting Time TBE)

























































































































































Jan 19  MLK Parade Augusta, Ga

                (Meet at 10:00am Gordon Highway across from Acura Dealership)

 Jan  21  MLK Parade Hinesville and Statesboro, Ga

                 (Meeting Time TBE)

  Feb    9  Paine College Homecoming Parade

                  (Meeting at 8:30am next to  Mexican Resturant Wrightsboro Rd)

  Feb 16   Aiken Black History Parade 

                   ( Meeting at Carolina Pottery)

   Mar 30   Car Show at Fort Gordon, Ga

                  (Meet 10:00am across from Acura Dealer)

   Apr   6    Dogwood Festival Denmark, SC

                   (Meet at 7:00am Carolina Pottery)

   Apr   27   Sweet Potatoe Festival  Hopkins, SC

                    (Meet at 8:00am Carolina Pottery)

   May  11   ACC Prideriders Family & Friends Day Cookout  ( 11am to 4pm)

                   3946 West Dam Park Rd   Clarks Hill

   May   18  Joy Riders Camaro Club Cookout  Points West Clark Hill

                    (Meet at 12:00pm at Publics Evans, Ga)

   May    18 Thunder Over Evans Celebration Evans Town Center

   May    25  Memorial Day Parade Aiken, SC

                    (Meet at 8:30am at Carolina Pottery) 

   May    31 &  Jun 1  Corvettes at the Beach Car Show Myrtle  Beach, SC                                                                     

  Jun    15 Trenton Peach Festival  Parade Trenton, SC

                 After Parade Recovery Ministry Cookout at Lock & Dam Augusta, GA  

                 (Meet at 8:30am at Carolina Pottery)

  Jun    22  Car Show at  Friendly Church of God in Christ & Fellowship with ATL Club

                  (Meet at 11:00am, Gordon Highway next to Acura Dealer )

   Jul    13   Walterboro SC Corvette Club CookOut Walterboro, SC

                   (Meeting at 12:00pm at Carolina Pottery)

   Aug   17   Corvette Day at Coaxum's Low Country Cuisine Conyers, GA

                    (Meeting at 9:00am at Carolina Pottery)

   Aug    24   Back to School Drive 11:00am - 2:00pm at Augusta Mall

                     (Meet at 10:00am Old Dollar General Wrightsboro Rd)  

   Sep      7   Tri County Corvette Club Cookout Sumter, SC

                     (Meeting Time TBE)

   Sep     14   Grownfolks Car Show Atlanta, GA

                      (Meeting at 9:00am at Carolina Pottery)

   Oct      12   Prostate Cancer Walk Evans, Ga

                      (Meet at Carolina Pottery 7:30am)

    Oct      19  Hephzibah Homecoming Parade

                     (Meet at 8:00am at Bilo on Peach Orchard Rd)

     Oct     26  Trunk or Treat with Joy Riders Camaro Club at Diamond Lake 

                       (Meet at 5:00pm across from Acura Deatership)  (Black Shirt)

     Nov       2  Car Show at Miracle Baptist Church

                        (Meet at 9:00am at Bilo,  Rosier Rd and Peach Orchard)

     Nov    10  Veterans Day Program at VP Larry Harmon Church, Laura Grove Baptist Church, Clark Hill

                    (Meet at 9:00am Carolina Pottery)  (Yellow Shirt)

     Nov     11  United Force Vettes Drivng Vettes Veteran Day Parade Downtown Augusta

                       (Meeting Time TBE)

      Nov     30  Chittlin Strut Salley, SC

                        (Meeting at 7:00am Carolina Pottery) (Red Shirt)

      Dec      14   Christmas Parade Downtown Waynesboro, Ga

                        (Meet at 10:00am at Rosier Rd Bilo)  (Black Shirt)     





































































  (Meet at 8:30am at Dollar General next to Cloud 9)


  Feb  17  Black History Month Parade Aiken, SC

                    (Meet at 11:30am Carolina Pottery)

  Mar   10  Coffee and Cars at Carolina Dragstrip

                   (Meet at 8:00am Gordon Highway across from Acura)

  Mar    31 Vettes vs Hoggs Andrews, SC

                  (Meet at 8:00am Carolina Pottery)

  Apr     7  Dogwood Parade Denmark, SC

                   (Meet at 7:30am Carolina Pottery)

  Apr   14  Car Show at Friendly Church of God in Christ Augusta, Ga

                   ( Meet at 10:30am Dollar General  Wrightsboro Rd) 


  May    5  Pride Riders Cookout at Clark Hill

                   (12:00pm  to  4pm)

  May   12  Joy Riders Camaro Club Cookout Points West Clark Hill

                    (Meeting at 12:30pm Publix  William Few & Washington Rd)

  May   19   CrossCreek H.S. Mentorship Program Event

                     (Meet at 9:00am  Dollar General Next to Clound Nine)

  May    19   Monique Walker Ride

                      (Meeting Time TBE)

  Jun    16    Peach Festival Trenton, SC & Cool Breeze Cookout at May Park

                       (Meet at 8:30am Carolina Pottery)

   Jul       7    Hinesville Corvette Club Cookout Hinesville, Ga

                        (Meet at 1:00pm Dolllar General Wrightsboro Rd)

   Aug     4    Conyers Event & Community Fun Day Bettis Academy Park                                                                                  (Meet at 11:00am Carolina Pottery) 

   Aug    11   Back to School Drive Graniteville, SC

                         (Meet at 10:00am Carolina Pottery)

   Aug   25    Back to School Drive Sponsored by State Farm

                          (Meeting at 10:00am Carolina Pottery)

   Sep      8    Grown Folk Car Show Atlanta, GA

                          (Meet   at 9:00am Carolina Pottery)

   Sep    15    Iconic Bike Club Fish Fry Event and Cars & Coffee Carolina Dragway

                            (Meet   at 9:00am Carolina Pottery)

    Sep    22    Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk North Augusta Greenway Park 

                             (Meet  at 7:30am Carolina Pottery)

    Sep    29     Mount Pleasant  Corvette Club Cookout

                           (Meeting at 10;am  Carolina Pottery)

    Sep    30     Children Parade

                            (Meet at 12:00pm Dollar General)

    Oct       6     Oliver Hardy Festival Harlem, Ga

                            (Meeting at 8:15am Old Bilo Parking Lot Across from Acura Dealer Gordon Hwy)

    Oct     13     Vets Are Forever Cookout  Western Lake, Fort Jackson, SC

                            (Meet at 1:00pm Carolina Pottery)   

    Oct     20     Members  Outing at Low Country Cuisine Conyers, Ga

                           ( Meeting at 11:00am Carolina Pottery) 

    Oct     27      Trunk or Treat

                            (Meet at 5:30pm at Parking Lot next to Acura Dealer on Gordon Highway)

    Nov      10      Veterans Day Parade Augusta, Ga

                            ( Meet at 8:00am Parking lot next to Acura Dealer)

    Nov     24     Chitlin Strut Salley, SC

                             ( Meet at 7:00am Carolina Pottery)

     Dec       2      Christmas Parade Columbia County 

                             ( Meet at 12:00pm Carolina Pottery )







      May      4       Pride Riders Cookout












































































  Apr     1    Dogwood Parade Denmark, SC

                    (Meet at 8:00am Carolina Pottery)

  Apr     8    Cornerstone Baptist Church Mentorship Program Augusta, GA

                     (Meet at 8:30am  Cloud 9)

  Apr    29    Sweet Potato Festival Hopkins, SC

                      (Meet at 8:00am Carolina Pottery) 

                        2615 Lower Richland Blvd Hopkins, SC

  May      6    ACC Pride Riders Cookout/BBQ

 Jun   1-3    Corvette Homecoming Bowling Green, Ky  

 Jun     3     Corvettes AT Myrtle Beach Car Show Myrtle Beach, SC

 Jun   10     No Limit Car and Bike Show  Madison, Ga

                       (Meet at Carolina Pottery 11:00am)

   Jun    17     Fairview Missionary Baptist Church Community Awareness Expo &

                        Recovery Ministery Event Lock and Dam

                        (Meet at Cloud 9  11:00am) 

    Jul      8      Malcolm Cunningham Display Event


     Jul   15     Vettes Are Forever Cookout  Columbia, SC

                        (Meet at Carolina Pottery 2:00pm)

     Jul   22      Car Show  Fort Jackson, SC

                         (Meet Carolina Pottery at 8:00am)

     Jul    28     Car Show Fort Gordon, Ga

                       (Meet at Cloud 9  9:00am Depart 9:30am)

    Aug  4        Reverend Andrews Family Meet & Greet Aiken, SC

                        ( Meet at Carolina Pottery 5:30pm)

    Aug   11     Cruzin  At Sonic  Furys Ferry Rd

                         (Meet at Carolina Pottery 6:30pm)

    Aug   12     Back to School Drive Graniteville, SC

                         (Meet at Carolina Pottery 9:00am)

    Aug   26     AKA Back to School Event

                          (Meeting at Walmart Wrightsboro Rd 7:30am)

    Sep   9       Grown Folk Car show Atlanta, GA

                          (Meet at Carolina Pottery 10:00am)

    Sep   16      Pooler Corvette Club Event Pooler, Ga

                         (Meet at Bilo Peach Rd 11:00am)

     Sep  23     Augusta Boys & Girls Club Back to School Event

                          (Meet at Carolina Pottery 10:00am)

      Oct    27    Graniteville Park Trunk or Treat 

                          ( Meet 5:00pm at Antique Mall Across Gordon Highway Bridge  SC)

       Oct   28    Pine Tree Festival Sparta, Ga

                           (Meet at Carolina Pottery 8:00am)

        Oct  28     Joy Riders Camaro Club Trunk or Treat Diamond Lake 6pm to 9pm

        Nov   5     Veterans Day Parade Swainsboro, Ga

                            (Meet at Vacant Lot Next to Acura Dealer 11:00am)

        Nov  11     Veterans Day Parade Columbia, SC

                          (Meeting Time TBE)

         Nov   21    Marshal's Kids Fun Day/Child Car Seat Safety

                           (Meet at Cloud Nine 9:30am) (Red Shirt)

         Nov  25     Chitlin Strut Salley,  SC

                            (Meeting at 7:00am Carolina Pottery)

         Dec  2        Cars & Coffee at Carolina Dragg Strip  9:00ak to 3:00pm

         Dec  3        Edgefield Christmas Parade Edgefield, SC

                              (Meeting at Carolina Pottery 1:00pm )

          Dec  16    Lincolnton Christmas Parade

                            (Meet at 1:00pm Publix Evans, corner Washington Rd & William Few Parkway)

          Dec  23     ACC Pride Riders Christmas Party

                             (Brigham Young Community Center)

















































Jan 16   MLK Parade Augusta, GA


                (Meet at 8:30am Carolina Pottery)

Jan 18   MLK Swainsboro, GA

                 (Meet at 9:30am Carolina Pottery)

Jan  30   Sego Middle School Mentoring Program Event

                  (Meet at Carolina Pottery and depart at 8:30am)  

Feb  13   Paine College Homecoming

                  (Meet at 8:30am Cloud Nine)

 Feb   20   Aiken Black History Month Parade Aiken, SC

                   (Meet at Carolina Pottery at 12:00pm) 

 Mar  26   Car Show At The Augusta Common


 Apr   2      Dogwood Festival Denmark, SC

                   (Meeting at Carolina Pottery at 7:30am)

 May   7     Coffee and Cars

                   (Meet  at Sam Club 7:30am)

 May  14    No Limit  Car and Bike Show  Madison, Ga

                    (Meet at Carolina Pottery at 10:00am)

 May  21   ACC Pride Riders Cookout /BBQ  11:00am  to 4:00pm

                  3946 West Dam Park Rd, Clark Hill, SC

 Jun 3 & 4 Myrtle Beach Corvette Club Car Show  Myrtle Beach, SC

                    (Meeting Time TBA)

  Jul  16      Bettis Academy Event

                     (Meet at Carolina Pottery 12:00pm)

   Jul  30     Spring Grove Baptist Church Back to School drive, Hephzibah, Ga

                      (Meet at 8:00am Carolina Pottery)

    Aug  20    Feed The Hungry, Downtown at  the Commons

                      Family and Friends Day Pooler, Ga

                      ( Meet at Carolina Pottery 8:00am)

   Sep   10    Grown Folk Car Show  Atlanta, Ga

                       (Meeting at Carolina Pottery 9:00am)

    Sep  17     Gold Rush McCormick, SC

                        (Meeting  at Carolina Pottery 7:30am)

     Sep  24    Carolina Dragway  Jackson, SC

                       (Meet at Malcolm Cunningham  11:00am)     

     Oct   1      Oliver hardy Festival  Harlem, Ga

                       (Meeting at old Winn Dixie on Gordon Highway  across from Acura Dealership at 8:00am )

      Oct  22     K-9 For Heroes  Augusta, Ga

                         (Meet at Carolina Pottery 9:30am)

      Oct  28      Levi White Elementary School Mentorship Event  Augusta, Ga

                         (Meet at Carolina Pottery 11:00am)

      Oct  29      Joy Ridders Camaro Club Trunk a Treat Diamond Lake Community Center Hephzibah, Ga

                          Event  6pm To 8pm

      Oct  29      Butler-Baker Alumni Oktoberfest  Eatonton, Ga

                         (Meet at Carolina Pottery 9:00am) 

      Nov  5      Walk to End Alzheimer's Columbia County  Amphitheater

                        (Meet at 8:00am Lowes Evans, Ga)

      Nov  6      Veterans Parade Swainsboro, Ga

                         (Meet at Vacant Lot Next to Acura Dealer 11:00am)

      Nov 22     Greater Augusta Safety Day Daniel Field Airport

                         (Meet at 10:00am Cloud Nine, Be on Display 10:30am)

      Nov 26     Chitlin Strut  Salley, SC

                        (Meet at Carolina Pottery 7:00am)

      Dec  3      Cars & Coffee Grovetown, Ga

                         (Meet at 7:30am Homedepot Bobby Jones) 

      Dec  4      Columbia County Christmas Parade

                         (Meeting at 12:45pm Lowes Washinton Road)

      Dec   10     Burke County Christmas Parade

                          (Meet at 11:30am Bilo Peach Orchard Rd)

      Dec  17      ACC Pride Riders Christmas Dinner

                         (Meeting Time & Place TBA)